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Participation Sign-Up Forms for Activities and Committees in 2022

Members: Please submit a form indicating your interest in participating in activties and committees in 2022.

(It's OK if you cannot join any groups in 2022, but please let us know.)

You have several different ways to do this:

  1. Click this link [ form.docx ] to download an MS Word copy of the Sign-Up Form. Fill it in with MS Word or a compatible app, then save it and return it as an email attachment to  
  2. Or . . . Do the same thing but use this PDF version instead: [ form.pdf ].
  3. Or . . . Print out either of those versions. Fill it in by hand, then mail it by US mail to: Summit Old Guard, PO Box 544, New Providence, NJ 07974.
  4. Or . . . Print out either of those versions, fill it in by hand, take a picture of it with your smartphone (or scan it), and email the photo or image to Steve Varley.
  5. Or . . . If all else fails, you can just send an email to  and list your preferences.  Spelling and formatting don't matter.

Note:  You can browse the groups you were signed up for last year by clicking here: [ My Groups in 2021 ]. That page also lets you see who else was in those groups last year.